How Make an Offer Deals works at Dollar Fanatic

Summary: Products located in the Make an Offer Deals section will include a "Make an Offer" button above the "Add to Cart" button on the product page. If you're either looking for lower bulk pricing or wholesale pricing or on higher price items you're looking for a better price, use the Make an Offer button to negotiate by email.

The price you see is for 1 item, however you are able to Make an Offer for a bulk quantity or wholesale quantity at a price you would like to pay. When you use the Make an Offer button you can submit an offer to be negotiated by email. We will respond by either accepting your offer or making a counter-offer. Of course, the price we're willing to accept is based on the item, what quantity you are interested in, and your location.

Just like all of the products on Dollar Fanatic Online Dollar Store the inventory in the Make an Offer Deals section is real-time and we don't offer backorders or anything of that nature. So we can only accept or consider offers that we have inventory on hand to ship. Again everything available here is available First Come, First Serve and most items will no longer be available once completely sold out.

IMPORTANT: If you don't see an email responding to your Offer(s) from us, please check your Spam filter and set our messages as NOT Spam.