Wholesale Bundle of 30 Assorted Budget New & Sealed DVDs

Wholesale Bundle of 30 Assorted Budget New & Sealed DVDs

Direct Source Special Products Inc.

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Product Description:

These bundles of assorted Budget DVDs are usually the types of titles that you will find in many Major Retail Store $5 DVD Bins. As a matter of fact many of these are from those same $5 Bins of Major Retail Stores that have went out of business and some still have the $5 Bin price tag on them. We sell these in our retail stores for $1 to $5 each, so these can be very profitable for most merchants. These are made at random but the titles you see in the picture are very common titles so most will be in lots of 30 assorted. 

IMPORTANT: This is for 30 assorted DVD titles per box, with at least 20 different titles per bundle of 30 DVDs. If you purchase multiple bundles, you will likely receive lots of duplicates because of repeat titles in the additional boxes.

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Retail Price: $4.99 to $19.99 each

Wholesale Price: $.80 each

Product Notes: New Department Store Shelf Pulls and Overstock