Familiar Grounds - En Terrains Connus (Blu-Ray Disc)

Familiar Grounds - En Terrains Connus (Blu-Ray Disc)

Le Films Seville Inc.

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French comedy drama film in a story where the ordinary and the fantasy collide -  "Maryse and her husband are desperate to sell a backhoe sitting abandoned in their suburban yard. Her brother, Benoit, is trapped in endless adolescence, sharing their childhood home with their invalid father. Benoit is enamored with a single mom named Nathalie, and he's hoping to finally grow up by living with her...but Nathalie's son does not approve. A serious accident at the factory where Maryse works, a strange series of coincidences, and the arrival of a man claiming to come from the future launch Maryse and Benoit on a life-changing road trip..."

  • Blu-Ray DVD
  • Widescreen Presentation

Blu-Ray Disc includes:

  • Audio Language: French
  • Subtitles in English, French
  • Runtime: 88 mins.
  • Rated: PG
  • Genre: French Film/Drama

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